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Ergonomically operating portable humidifier

A portable humidifier includes: a bottle for storing water therein, a capillary device immersed in the bottle for capillarily absorbing water as stored in the bottle, an ultrasonic vibrator mounted on a upper portion of the bottle for normally contacting a top wick portion of the capillary device and operatively vibrating for compressing the top wick portion for ejecting water mists upwardly outwardly through a plurality of perforations formed through the vibrator, a control device formed on a top cover [...]

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The effect of Aromatherapy No fire aromatherapy

In different eras, Iran has always been the center of various sciences especially pharmacy and herbalism. Origin of Iranian medical sciences backs to Avestan period and by emergence of Zoroaster, who was a noble physician. Extense of this knowledge along with others had been expanded which, in turn, had influenced other nations. However, despite impressionability of other nations from Iranian sciences, unfortunately no ancient source for the history of medicine in Iran remained, and all documents regarding these issues had [...]

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