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Flavorful Thai basil Has Amazing Heart Healthy Benefits

Known as one of the main ingredients in pesto sauce and used often for its fragrant flavor, Thai basil is one highly nutritious herb.

Belonging to the mint family of Lamiaceae, basil first originated in India. Grown in India for more than 5,000 years, basil or sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum) is called as Saint Joseph’s Wort in few English-speaking countries.
Basil has been derived from the Greek word called “basileus”, which means “king”.While French consider it a royal herb, in India basil has [...]

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Uses of Basil

The uses of basil are many and varied. Most of its claims have been verified scientifically, while others remain in the borderline of scepticism and disbelief. The general uses for which it is prescribed as a home remedy ranges from the common cough and cold to blood-pressure symptoms and even paralysis and hemiplegia. I give below some of the more common ailments and their treatment with the use of Herb basil alone or in combination with other herbs.
Grind equal amounts of [...]

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Herb Basil ancient legend

Legend Legend Basil flowers look like monster Bajirikass, so called Basil, a “king of herbs” of the title, in India, basil is regarded as sacred, when swear in court, must take it as the oath. In India also think wearing basil leaves can ward off evil spirits.

Legend two

A few centuries ago in ancient Asia, Herb basil is regarded as God gives the world medicine and edible gift, every Basil harvest season, people will hold a sacred ceremony. Rolle is sacred, [...]

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