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Fixed Blade Knives: An Indispensable Item For Hunters

Fixed blade knives are mostly hunting knives which are indispensable to a hunter. There are many types of such knives which can be used for specific purposes. But it is important to first learn about the different types of knives so that you can use them optimally. When you are better equipped with the right kind of hunting knife, you can deal with all the situations which may arise in your trip. It is also possible to use folding knives [...]

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Characterization of Damascus steel knives

The steel in this blade was a hypereutectoid, crucible-melted steel that was really quite clean. The principal inclusions were approximately 0.5 to 1.0 μm in diameter. The microstructure consisted of a pearlitic matrix with spheroidized primary cementite in a layered arrangement.

Damascus steel knives, characterization of one Damascus steel sword
A Damascus steel sword has been exhaustively examined to establish its chemistry, microstructure, properties, and something about its processing.
The cementite layers were aligned with amazing regularity with individual layers containing several particles [...]

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