Is Your Waterproof Watches Always Waterproof

Waterproof watches are designed for underwater diving. Different waterproof case watches have different water resistance. Example, other watches may have resistance of around 200 to 300 meter or 660 to 900 feet which is the majority, other may have 100 meter or more. However, because of technological advancement every day, many of the diver watches now have the ability to survive in much deeper waters. But, is it a guarantee? How long can a waterproof watch waterproof?

If you are serious about having fun taking your watches into the water – whether it is for sailing, water rafting, fishing or diving – you must be aware of the watch water resistance rating. But sometimes, water resistance rating may not always be a reliable indicator for its imperviousness to water damages. Let’s face the reality, waterproof is not a permanent attributed;dry tube bag must be checked once a year and even during carrying big loads. The tightness of the sealed on the waterproof watches may let up or lose on our daily use.

In order to know whether the watch is still waterproof or water resistant we have to undergo testing. There are basically two ways of testing the water resistance, referred to as “dry” and “wet” testing.

Dry Testing: The watch is subjected to air pressure, if the case expands due to the air leaking into the case then the watch is not or no longer water resistant.

Wet Testing: The watch is first subjected to air pressure, and then submerged in water. If there are air bubbles that will come out from the case when it is underwater, it means that the air seeped into the watch before it was submerged; therefore it is not water resistant.

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