Waterproof duffel bag device

The present invention relates to a waterproof bag device for containing articles in an airtight waterproof environment. The bag device includes a safety closure which maintains the mouth of a waterproof inner enclosure in a folded configuration in the event a cover flap of the bag becomes unfastened. The bag device is particularly suitable for canoeing and kayaking and other sports wherein it is desirable to contain articles such as a camera in a waterproof duffel bag for protection against water damage and loss.
Another problem to which attention need be given is that of protecting the closure of an airtight bag in which air has been captured for buoyancy from pressure exerted when weight is exerted on the bag such as when a boater falls or steps on the bag. While a yieldable closure such as a pressure sensitive fastener will protect the closure from damage by becoming unfastened, the waterproof case environment is destroyed and the articles lost if the boat capsizes as the boater falls against the bag.
A waterproof inner enclosure is sewn within the outer case which includes an extended mouth portion for insertion of an article which may be folded upon itself to provide a tight seal for the inner bag. Strap means carried across the cover flap is secured to a back side of the bag by means of Velcro fastening tape in such a manner that the strap maintains the closure of the inner enclosure in a folded sealed configuration should the cover flap become unfastened by exertion of pressure on the bag.
The bag device A may be filled with an article and air entrapped therein so as to be buoyant. Should the bag be fallen or stepped upon by a boater or other weighty object as occurs when a boat such as a canoe or kayak is going over rocks and the like under whitewater boating conditions, cover flap fastener 20, 22 will yield before breaking.

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